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                111引智基地讲坛W?5?Topic: Applications & Future Trends of Advanced Industrial Robots

                创徏旉Q?nbsp; 2019-12-24  王智?    览ơ数Q?/span>

                111引智基地讲坛 W?/span>25?/span>

                |络化控制中心讲座系?/span> W?/span>77?/span>

                旉: 2019q?2?1日(周二Q上?Q?0-10:30

                地点: 上v大学宝山校区东区9h自大?02B?/span>

                报告题目Q?/span> Topic: Applications & Future Trends of Advanced Industrial Robots

                报告? Professor Huosheng Hu QSchool of Computer Science & Electronic Engineering

                University of Essex, Colchester CO4 3SQ, United KingdomQ?/p>


                After recent advancement of computing and robotics technologies, industrial robots are moving from manufacturing to our homes, hospitals, offices and everywhere to provide help and services. They can speak, recognise facial expression, understand spoken and gesture instructions, navigate autonomously in human-centred environments. Therefore, these advanced industrial robots will play an important role in our daily life. This talk briefly overviews the current state of art robotics technologies and highlight the key challenges in advanced industrial robot technologies. Four development stages of industrial robots are discussed respectively, in particular with a forward looking of Industry 4.0. Moreover, the recent development of various kinds of industrial robots for coexisting with humans is analysed. Some implementation results are demonstrated via videos.


                Huosheng Hu is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex, leading the Robotics Research Group. He received the MSc degree in industrial automation from the Central South University in China and the PhD degree in robotics from the University of Oxford in the U.K. His research interests include biologically inspired robotics, human-robot interaction, service robots, embedded systems, data fusion, learning algorithms, mechatronics, and pervasive computing. He has published over 500 papers in journals, books and conferences within these areas, and his papers have been highly cited with a H-index of 52 (Google Scholar). He is a Fellow of IET, a Fellow of Institute of Measurement and Control in the UK, and a founding member of IEEE Robotics & Automation Society Technical committee on Networked Robots. He has been a Program Chair or a member of Advisory/Organising Committee for many international conferences such as IEEE ICRA, IROS, ICIA, ICMA and ROBIO conferences. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for International Journal of Automation and Computing, Editor-in-Chief of MDPI Robotics Journal, and Executive Editor for International Journal of Mechatronics and Automation. Email: hhu@essex.ac.uk

                URL: http://dces.essex.ac.uk/staff/hhu

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